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Linens /Chair Covers            


If there is one key element to transforming a room for any event beyond expectations, it is the use of fine linens, such as tablecloths, napkins, and chair covers. Quality linens help set the tone and mood of an event and promise a 'special evening' to all those present. Featured in numerous articles as a 'must-have' item, linen tablecloths and satin chair covers do provide the most impact for the price of making your day one to truly remember.


 Satin Self-tie Chair Covers

High quality satin self-tie chair covers that tie to look elegant with or without the need of an additional sash. These chair covers are considered to be a 'Universal' cover and work to fit a variety of chair shapes and sizes. Below are some sample shapes and sizes of the dimensions that provide complete coverage. As long as the chair you are looking to cover is equivalent or smaller than these dimensions, you will have an ideal fit. If you are having difficultly determining measurments, please be sure to contact us as we would be glad to assist you in getting the proper fit.

*For large or oversized chairs, please contact, as we do have non-standard covers for this purpose.

Tablecloths and Napkins

We provide quality tablecloths and napkins to take any event to the next level. Our products can be used to completely cover 5ft. Round Tables and 8ft. Rectangular Banquet tables all the way to the floor and hide those unsightly table legs in an elegant manner. Linen napkins add a touch of class to your affair and can be a key component to a well-dressed table.  


                                                                                                 Satin Self-Tie Chair Covers




                  120" Round Tablecloth  


                                                               90" x 132" Rectangular Tablecloth

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