Cultured Pearl Event Rentals

Sashes/Overlay Color Chart


At Cultured Pearl Event Rentals, we understand that color is one of the most important factors of your event. Color allows you to make your event completely unique and can be used to express personal style and taste. It is for these reasons we carry a large assortment of colors from which you can choose to pick, mix, match, and create. We have a small sampling below of our one supplier with another providing with over 350 custom colors to choose from.


We look forward to meeting you for a free consult to allow you to view our colors in person. If you have other color swatches that you wish to match please bring them with you, as we are glad to let you compare. We have over 300 custom colors to choose from and what is shown below is just a sample of our most popular renters. In an effort to further alleviate stress, we will also be sure to provide you with a free sample swatch of the colors that you do choose to take home with you.


Sample of Satin Colors Available:

Organza Colors Available:


*Indicates that all of there colors are available in organza.

 Additional colors available include:

Greens: Hunter Green  

Oranges /Yellows: Champagne, Coral, Peach, and Yellow


 Additional Colors Availalbe:

 Greens: Celadon Green, Hunter Green, Lime Green, and Olive

Blues: Aqua, Cornflower, Teal, Tiffany

Reds: Claret and Ice Pink

Oranges /Yellows: Burnt Orange, Champagne, Copper, Yellow

Purples: Eggplant and Lilac

Neutrals: Milk Chocolate


We will continue to bring in colors as seasons change to stay current to new trends. If you do not see what you are looking for here, please do not hesitate to contact us as we do offer color services from a selection of over 300 colors for a great match.

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